Happy Birthday Mom!

These pages are a present for your birthday. I hope you like them. Naturally, there is more than just one page! Enjoy!


Well then, on with the festivities. We have to have the usual stuff like cake, party hats and balloons or it isn't a party. Right?

So, put on your party hat and I've heard that if you make a wish on a birthday balloon, your wish will come true.

So, go ahead and make a wish before they disappear out of sight!




Here is your ICE CREAM cake made just for you. Yummy! You can eat all the cake you want since this one contains absolutely NO calories! (grin)






A birthday just has to have presents and lots of them! Let's see what you got. Well, it looks like one has been opened from the inside. Hm! I guess he just couldn't wait to wish you a very Happy Birthday! (grin)



Here is your own "July" birthday bear with adoption certificate!




 Then, let me see, what else do we have? A Virtual Birthstone. Isn't this pretty? The red ruby signifies fire and emotion. When you wear this stone, you're always content.



This adorable little "July" Angel is from Flutterby's site.



I adopted this Birthday Globe for you from Ladies of the Heart! I think it is beautiful! Hope you like it too!



 Buzzy Bee just wanted to drop in and say "Happy Buzzz Day to you too!


And, he wanted to bring my Birthday Card to you all by himself.


Oh, don't think that's the end of it. Not quite yet! Please visit the next page and see what else I have found for you.


Oh look, there's another bee! He just may follow us around for awhile! That's okay isn't it Mom? He is cute and smiling so I don't think you have to fear being stung! (tee hee)








Some of the graphics on this page came from Lori's Tubes.

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