Once upon a time there was a little Teddy Bear living in a department store. He lived there for quite awhile because all the children wanted a Teddy Ruxpin and would ignore him. He would cry at night because it appeared that no one would ever want him. "I am just a stuffed little bear without any talent. I don't tell stories or teach children their ABCs. I don't sing or roll my eyes. No one wants me and why should they when they can get an animated teddy bear instead of one like me that just sits and stares."

Well, one day a lady spotted him and thought he was just the cutest thing. He had an ugly hat and scarf but she could remedy that. So, she carried him through the store. Now little Teddy was almost apprehensive and yet there was a spark of hope that maybe this time someone would actually buy him. You see, there had been others that had picked him up only to toss him back into the pile or set somewhere else in the store. He was afraid to hope that maybe this time, someone would actually buy him. It seemed like forever while the lady carried him as she walked up and down this isle and that isle. Finally, they reached the cash register and Teddy held his breath. He got picked up and passed over a light and it beeped. He wanted to run away. All of a sudden he landed head first in a sack and it was dark. The lady told the cashier that was no way to treat a teddy bear and she turned Teddy right side up so he could peek out of the sack. He looked at the lady with wonder in his little eyes. She carried him to her car and took him out of the sack and started talking to him. He still didn't say a word. He was still a bit scared but she seemed nice and had a nice voice and she was talking to him - just like he was a real person. Wow, Teddy thought and he started to calm down and really listen to what she said to him. She told him how cute he was and he almost blushed.

Suddenly the car stopped and the woman got out and carried Teddy into the house and gave him a look around. Nice house Teddy thought. Then she set him on a table and took off his hat and scarf and proceeded to make him a new hat and scarf. Teddy watched her while she worked. When she had finished she put on his new hat and scarf and he almost giggled - it tickled. She smiled back at him saying how much better the new hat and scarf were compared to the one he came in.

He felt very proud indeed that she would make such wonderful gifts for him. Then, something magical happened - Teddy said "thank you" and the Lady actually heard him. She asked him his name and he said, "my name is Theodore Edward." She heard that too. Well, need I tell you that they had quite a conversation that day and every day after that.

Teddy has been with the lady for many years now and he has accomplished quite a few things. He is always looking for new things to do and learn. There were hot air balloons that would float past the house during the summer and Teddy thought it might feel like flying if he could go up in one of those balloons. So, he worked at making a basket and the Lady blew up a balloon for him and off he went. Wheeeeeeeeeee! This is so much fun!

Then Teddy saw cowboy movies on TV and he decided he wanted to be a cowboy so the Lady made him a hat. Naturally it was a white hat since the good cowboys always wore white.

But, his shirt didn't quite go with his hat. It was nice that his shirt said he was "No.1 Ted E. Bear" but he wanted a cowboy outfit. So the lady made him pants and a jacket made out of old denim material. He loved his new outfit. Teddy also learned about doing experiments just like the kids at school. Here is a picture of him doing one of them now.


At Easter time, Teddy and all his friends like to dress up like bunnies and deliver special colored eggs to all of the other stuffed animals in the neighborhood. They think it's funny trying to talk with their "bunny" teeth. They look like real bunnies don't they?


Then one day, a little Raccoon showed up at the house. His name is Bandy and they became fast friends. They are now inseparable and do everything together. When spring came, they planted a garden together. They watered it and weeded it all summer long. By Fall, it was ready to harvest and just look at some of the great stuff they grew. Bandy and Teddy were now officially farmers with the help of their other "friends" in the house.

Oh, these two, Bandy and Teddy, they love Halloween and dress up every year. Bandy likes to pretend he is a bandit. I think he hardly needs a mask for that but he insists anyway. LOL And Teddy likes to pretend he is a pumpkin. They sit in the window each year and try to scare all the children that come asking for candy. The kids giggle. They think our scary duo are just too cute. BOO!


Oh, Teddy and Bandy are always involved with Christmas big time. They travel with Santa all over the world delivering toys to all the good little boys and girls. This is always their last stop and when they get home they are usually too tired on Christmas morning to open their own presents. Bandy certainly looks like he is totally tuckered out.

That isn't the end of the story though. Every year Teddy and Bandy get into new adventures. They are such a joy to everyone around them. Just remember the next time you go to a store and see what you think is just a plain ordinary little bear. Before you decide to look elsewhere, take a second look, that ordinary little bear may be winking at you. (grin)





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