Merry Christmas

From Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus!



We thought you might like to make some sweet crystals. This is another experiment that Teddy loves to do - especially since you can "eat" the findings. J

Our Teddy Elf will help you with the instructions.

Sweet Crystals

In this activity, you'll do two things at once; see how crystals form in nature and make candy. "Yummy"

With the help of an adult, boil 1/2 cup of water in a saucepan. Add 1 cup of sugar, 1 spoonful at a time until all the sugar is dissolved. Keep adding sugar until the solution turns into a clear syrup. Let it cool for about ten minutes, then pour the syrup into a glass jar.

Now, get a piece of string about 6 inches long. Tie one end of the string around a pencil. Then tie the other end to a Popsicle stick. Put the pencil on top of the jar so the Popsicle stick hangs in the syrup.

Set your "crystal maker" aside. Take a look at it every day to see what's happening. In about a week, the syrup should be crystallized and ready to eat. J



While we wait, there is certainly enough to keep us busy for the next week. We always go out and pick a special tree to be our Christmas tree just like Bandy and his Dad. Do you?


Teddy is dressed real warm and I hope you are too so we can go door to door and sing carols to our neighbors to share the spirit of Christmas. What are your favorite carols? When we are done, we can go back home and have some hot chocolate with little marshmallows floating on top and then see how our experiment is doing. Watch it every day and let me know how your experiment turned out okay? Just send an email to and she will let me read them. J



Don't forget to be an "Angel" and clean up your experiment area and maybe help wash the cups from the hot chocolate. Okay?


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