Happy Easter to you!

Looks like the bunnies are getting ready coloring eggs so they can hide them for you to find. Which do you like best ... real hard boiled eggs or chocolate ones? Teddy and Bandy like both but they are a little partial to the chocolate eggs. The Easter Egg hunt will be back next Easter.

Nope, I'm not one of the eggs you're looking for. Peep! Peep! 

Don't you just love Easter? It means Spring is right around the corner. For some, Spring is already here. Lucky them. Here are a couple of cards for you to put on your website if you would like. Just Right Click and "Save As" to your hard drive. Don't forget to include a link to http://betsbears.freeservers.com



These are all MY eggs and not for the egg hunt either. Happy Easter though!




The cards below can be used anyway you'd like. I've left them blank so you can add your own words. I'll be happy to personalize them for you if you wish. Just email me and tell me what you would like to say. Also, don't forget that link back to my website.








These six adorable eggs are NOT part of the egg hunt. But, aren't they just so cute? I couldn't resist adopting them from Michy Land.




On the next page we have a few puzzles for you to figure out if you would like to play. If you get the answers right, email me and I'll send you an award.



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